New England Wine Cellars meets with you or business owners, architects, contractors, project managers, and interior designers to determine size, function, and style of the wine cellar design. This usually takes place on-site, but can also be done via conference call to accommodate you or our international and cross-country customers.

Some factors to consider:

  • What types of wine and what size bottles will be stored?
  • Will there be a need for a sitting or tasting area in your cellar?
  • Is there a particular theme you would like to represent?
  • Proper room preparation
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Architectural accessories


Wine Cellar style can range from European old world to sleek and modern. We approach building a wine cellar design like building a stage set; it can be fun, festive, and celebratory. Browse our gallery to see a few examples of our designs.


Once the criteria, size, function, and style of the wine cellar are determined, our design department creates CAD drawings denoting measurements and wine storage configurations. The final drawings are presented with a formal quote for review and approval. Elements, such as custom zinc counters, architectural accents, and lighting, are itemized in the quote. New England Wine Cellars is committed to fulfilling our clients’ expectations, and will continue working with the client until the wine cellar design meets their approval.


Your wine room area is prepared by
professional and considerate craftsmen to
our specifications. The wine cellar cabinetry is
meanwhile fabricated by experienced woodworkers
who manicure every piece to exacting standards of
tolerance, fit, and finish. No cabinetry from New
England Wine Cellars is pre-fabricated. It is all created
to your specifications by our craftsmen.

New England Wine Cellars’ craftsmen then bring the wine
racks to your location where they assemble it to the same level
of precision with which it was milled. They also install wine
cellar cooling systems, tabletops and counters, and other
aesthetic enhancements.


No one cellar project is complete without the customer’s total satisfaction and final approval. As you examine your new wine cellar, New England Wine Cellars experts walk you through the fine details. We also explain and demonstrate the functionality of specific elements such as climate control systems and lighting. We make sure you not only love the look and feel of your new wine cellar, you know exactly how to keep it operating effectively and efficiently.

Remember, whatever your wine storage needs or wine cellar dream, we’re here to help you realize it. It all begins with a call to New England Wine Cellars at 1-800-863-4851.